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SEGULA Innovation Hub, a platform of innovative solutions

SEGULA Innovation Hub responds to the challenges of industry: automation, digitalisation, decarbonisation, flexibility, competitiveness, etc.

Thanks to the solutions offered by the startups that have joined the programme, as well as the projects carried out by SEGULA’s Research & Innovation department, SEGULA Innovation Hub can offer you the technological building blocks that will enable you to accelerate your industrial innovation projects. This will save you months or even years of R&D.

Our range of services

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Design Thinking and idea competitions to encourage the emergence of new innovative solutions.


Thematic events to discover innovative projects (SEGULA Innovation Hub Meetings), “Learning Expeditions”, a startup scouting service. But also state of the art studies, technical and economic feasibility studies, a service to find non-dilutive funding and to set up a consortium for a collaborative project.


Adaptation of a startup’s solution to your needs, access to SEGULA Technologies’ portfolio of research projects, cross-fertilisation analysis, co-creation of Research & Development projects, support for the development of prototypes or demonstrators, etc.

Deploiement POC

Deployment / POC

Piloting the experimentation, integration and deployment of innovative solutions, developed in particular by our accredited startups.


Why join SEGULA Innovation Hub


SEGULA Innovation Hub Meetings thematic events, to discover innovation projects and share feedback with peers.


Unprecedented access to our labelled startups, as well as to our portfolio of research projects.


Visibility for your brand and your projects through your presence at our events.

They trust us



Green Deliriver​ Project

As an expert in biogas, GRDF, a subsidiary of Engie, is a key player in the Green Deliriver project initiated by SEGULA Technologies – a project now supported by the shipowner Coalis and backed by a consortium of partners. Consisting of a 1,000-ton capacity barge and its hybrid electric-biogas pusher, Green Deliriver is an innovative and environmentally friendly river freight logistics solution that aims to transport goods by water to the heart of urban centers. GRDF has been a member of the consortium since 2018 and supplies the Green Deliriver with biomethane. Thanks to the use of this local and renewable energy, the Green Deliriver will emit five times less CO2 than a truck.

As a European specialist in refrigerated vehicles, the Lamberet Group stands out for its unique know-how in the design and production of temperature-controlled bodies. In 2021, Lamberet presented the Frigolight refrigerated utility truck at Solutrans, the result of a close collaboration with SEGULA. The objective of the project was to lighten the vehicle, increase its payload and improve its environmental performance. Mission accomplished: by working on the design of the vehicle and integrating new composite materials, the project teams enabled Frigolight to gain 25% in weight and consequently reduce its fuel consumption, while maintaining its thermal and mechanical performance, as well as improving the recyclability and reusability of components.


Frigolight Project

Frequently Asked Questions

SEGULA Innovation Hub is an accelerator for industrial innovation projects carried out by startups and technological SMEs as well as by ETIs and large groups. The programme offers a platform of tailor-made support services for the entire innovation value chain. SEGULA Innovation Hub is a facilitator of meetings and collaborations that encourage the development and integration of new innovative solutions. 

Whether for R&D projects or operational integration projects, SEGULA’s teams, through SEGULA Innovation Hub, will place their knowledge at the service of industrial groups (SMEs and large companies) committed to the development of new innovative solutions, from their design to their operational dissemination. SEGULA provides its industrial partners with skills across the entire innovation value chain: from ideation to deployment, including exploration and development. 

An industrialist can at any time submit a request to be put in contact with the Group’s experts by filling in the form available here.

The Open Innovation team selects startups by evaluating several criteria: intensity of technical innovation, alignment with the strategic needs of its clients, potential impact of the innovation on the market, quality and complementarity of the management team.  

By joining the SEGULA Innovation Hub community, you will gain access, in a spirit of collaborative development, to SEGULA Technologies’ services and skills across the entire innovation value chain:  

– Ideation (Design Thinking, ideas competition) 

– Exploration: participation in themed events to discover innovative projects; learning expeditions; scouting of startups and access to the innovations of SEGULA Innovation Hub-labelled startups; state of the art and technical-economic feasibility studies; research into non-dilutive financing; setting up of collaborative project consortia, etc. 

– Development: access to SEGULA Technologies’ portfolio of research projects and analysis of cross-fertilisation; co-creation of Research & Development projects; taking charge of the development of prototypes or demonstrators… 

– Deployment / POC: piloting projects for the testing, integration and deployment of innovative solutions, all in agile mode. 

In addition, when you commit to working with the Group, we will make your brand and your projects visible on the SEGULA Innovation Hub website and at our thematic SEGULA Innovation Hub Meetings, where you will be invited to present your expertise and your projects.