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From development to deployment, let's accelerate your innovation.

SEGULA Innovation Hub, your project accelerator

SEGULA Innovation Hub is a tailor-made support programme that meets the needs of your innovation and the challenges of your startup.

Designed to help you at every stage of your project, the programme supports you from the development of your innovation to its implementation on the industrial market.

Technical resources, advice from recognised engineers, help with financing: a wide range of services to support your innovation.

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Our support services

Innovators, take part in a tailor-made programme

A set of services to accelerate the development, industrialisation and marketing of your solution.

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Technical expertise

benefit from SEGULA Technologies’ expertise, skills and technical resources, particularly in terms of design, structural calculations, topological optimisation, prototyping, industrialisation studies and industrial production

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Get in touch with partners specialised in financing innovation and raising funds, or join a collaborative project and benefit from obtaining non-dilutive financing

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Market access

Prescribing your solution to our clients and to SEGULA’s business lines on the basis of how well your innovation matches their needs.


Take advantage of the reputation of a leading engineering group and its media power; and participate in community events. You will be able to make yourself known to the Group’s partners and industrial clients.

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Our support services


Technical expertise

  • Engineering Studies
    • Conception
    • Style
    • Simulation/calculations
    • Production of prototypes
    • Industrialisation
    • Production
    • Sizing of your factory
  • Technical Due Diligence
    • Technical coaching/audit of product design
    • Feasibility study and consistency of technical choices
    • Industrial risk analysis


  • Assistance with fundraising
  • Business Plan and Pitch Deck Review
    • Putting together a non-dilutive financing package
  • Aid for financing innovation (CIR, JEI, etc.)

Market access

  • Access to over 300 industrial customers 
  • Multi-sectoral business opportunities
  • International scope 


  • Amplify your media coverage 
  • Participation in community events 


  • Monthly hosting (provision of an open space in one of our offices in France or abroad, and the possibility of having a desktop PC)
  • Possibility to include a CAD and/or calculation station


  • Support for your recruitment projects 
    • Full-time/Temporary
    • Executive functions / Transition management
    • Interim employment
  • Freelancing offer (+20 000 freelancers)
Our selection process

Admission in 5 steps

01. Form

To apply, nothing could be simpler: complete and send this form.

02. Study of your file

As soon as we receive your application, our selection committee will study your file, taking into account several criteria: the intensity of the technical innovation, the potential impact of the innovation on the market, the suitability of the innovation for SEGULA’s businesses and skills, and the quality and complementarity of the management team.

03. Feedback on your application

Within one month of submitting your application, we will inform you whether or not you have been selected for the SEGULA Innovation Hub programme.

04. Exchange with our business experts

Once you have been selected, a discussion will be held with SEGULA Technologies’ operational management to identify your expectations and offer you our most relevant services.
Let’s get started for a year of active collaboration with our sales and technical teams!

05. Collaboration

After these 12 months with us, we will agree together on the renewal of our cooperation: you may decide to extend your collaboration with SEGULA Technologies or to break away from it.

Our labels

Obtaining a SEGULA Innovation Hub label

Label SEGULA Innovation Hub

A startup selected at the end of the 5-step selection process will be awarded the SEGULA Innovation Hub label by default.

With this label, the young innovative company will benefit from the attentiveness of SEGULA Technologies’ operational management team, which will work to understand its expectations to offer support and skills that are totally in line with its need to accelerate the technical maturity of its solution.

Once a technical collaboration between SEGULA and the startup has begun, the latter can activate our fundraising assistance service. Upon request, we will instruct the startup’s strategic and financial documentation to our network of investors.

Selection criteria:

  • The technological solution will be judged on the intensity of its innovative character
  • The innovation has a real potential impact on its market
  • The startup develops a solution that is in line with SEGULA’s business and skills
  • The startup stands out for the robustness and complementarity of its management team

Label SEGULA Innovation Hub GOLD

This second level of certification gives the right to a business development service, including a connection to SEGULA Technologies’ clients as well as international support.

The solution provided by a startup with the SEGULA Innovation Hub SILVER label will also be promoted in the Group’s business offer documents. Finally, a commission model will be implemented as soon as the Group concludes a sales contract with one of its clients integrating the startup’s innovation. The amount of this commission depends on the turnover generated within the framework of the contract signed with the client.

Selection criteria:

  • The startup’s activity must fall within SEGULA Technologies’ field of expertise and be aligned with its strategy.
  • The solution must be robust.
  • The startup has already secured initial funding, either through grants or equity.
  • The value proposition of the innovation has been demonstrated in the framework of the experimentation project, with a first diffusion on the market.
They talk about us


logo mikajaki

Jacky Hochner

co-founder and CEO of MIKAJAKI

“We first called on SEGULA’s engineers to refine the design of our Eyelib ophthalmic analysis platform and to master its industrialisation. In less than two and a half years, we were able to successfully complete the prototype development phase and create an innovative process to generate an intelligent report of great medical value. SEGULA is now working with us on the production of over 600 units. It is a great satisfaction to see such an ambitious vision and project materialise in such a short time.”

Wind My Roof

“Our rooftop wind turbine project has evolved enormously in the space of a few years, thanks in part to the support of SEGULA’s engineers. We have been able to benefit from real support and expert advice.”


logo wind my roof

Yanis Maacha

co-fonder of Wind My Roof

Frequently Asked Questions

SEGULA Innovation Hub is an accelerator for industrial innovation projects carried out by startups and technological SMEs as well as by ETIs and large groups. The programme offers a platform of tailor-made support services for the entire innovation value chain. SEGULA Innovation Hub is a facilitator of meetings and collaborations that encourage the development and integration of new innovative solutions. 

The 12-month programme, coordinated by SEGULA Technologies’ Open Innovation team, takes place in several stages: from the identification and selection of innovative start-ups or SMEs to the establishment of partnerships, via contact with the Group’s business experts who will listen to you and respond to your needs.  

To make itself known to the Group, a startup can submit an application at any time by filling in the form available here.

The Open Innovation team selects startups by evaluating several criteria: intensity of technical innovation, potential impact of the innovation on the market, quality and complementarity of the management team.  

Depending on the stage of your startup’s life cycle (prototyping, seed, development/take-off…), and on your core business, if your start-up is selected, you will have access to a range of services designed to accelerate your business:  

– access to the technical expertise of an engineer (design, calculations, prototype production, industrialisation, etc.);  

– access to SEGULA Technologies’ client portfolio;  

– access to a fundraising assistance service and to SEGULA Innovation Hub’s partners specialised in innovation financing;

– visibility of your brand and your solutions thanks to the Group’s media coverage (communication campaign on social networks, press release, accommodation on the SEGULA stand at specialised trade fairs, etc.) and your participation in SEGULA Innovation Hub community events (SEGULA Innovation Hub Meetings);

– SEGULA Technologies may take a stake in the startup’s capital.  

Yes, you have access to accommodation on our premises.  

The confidentiality of information communicated to SEGULA Technologies by selected start-ups will be the subject of an NDA signed by both parties. In the event of a commercial partnership or technical collaboration, a specific contract will be drawn up between the startup and SEGULA to define the obligations and interests of each party.