HeXplora, SEGULA Technologies’ industrial innovation project accelerator, now opens its services to the Group’s industrial clients

  • The global engineering group SEGULA Technologies is leveraging its experience and expertise in open and collaborative innovation to strengthen the tailor-made services of its HeXplora accelerator. 
  • Since its launch in 2019, the accelerator has already successfully supported a dozen start-ups, from the development of their prototype to industrialisation. 
  • SEGULA Technologies is now broadening the scope of HeXplora by opening it up to its industrial clients so that they can benefit directly from the innovations of the selected startups. 

Paris, 22 June 2022 – SEGULA Technologies today presents the new 2022 offering of its industrial innovation project accelerator HeXplora. Since its launch in 2019, this entity dedicated to innovative technology startups has already supported a dozen promising projects, from prototyping to production. This positive track record has led SEGULA Technologies to extend HeXplora’s offering to its clients’ innovative industrial projects. 

Proven support for start-ups 

HeXplora’s initial offering consists of tailor-made support for start-ups, from the development of their innovation to their establishment on the industrial market. This dedicated offer includes access to SEGULA’s expertise, skills and technical resources, as well as assistance with financing and privileged access to the Group’s partners and clients. 

Three recent examples illustrate HeXplora’s ability to take innovative startup projects to industrialisation: Wind my Roof’s rooftop wind turbines, Mikajaki’s EyeLib intelligent ophthalmological diagnostic platform and Wattpark’s reservable charging stations. 

These HeXplora-labelled startups have benefited from the broad ecosystem of open innovation and cross-fertilisation developed by SEGULA Technologies. Each year, the Group conducts more than 200 research and innovation projects in all sectors of activity, in close collaboration with a wide variety of players: laboratories, schools, universities, SMEs, start-ups and competitive clusters. 

Targeted matching of HeXplora startups with the Group’s clients 

From now on, companies (from large SMEs to large groups) who wish to accelerate their own industrial innovation projects can also join HeXplora in order to benefit, thanks to the selected startups and SEGULA’s research projects, from the technological building blocks capable of meeting their needs. In addition to this targeted and personalised contact, HeXplora offers industrialists a wide range of themed events, workshops, learning expeditions and privileged exchanges with the supported startups. 

“ Since its inception, HeXplora, with its strong ecosystem of partners, has demonstrated that in collaborative mode, innovation goes faster and further,” comments Stéphane Parpinelli, Open Innovation Director at SEGULA Technologies. “Its services, combined with our multi-sector experience, the wide range of skills of our engineers and the potential of the solutions developed within HeXplora, provide our clients with a tremendous time saving in the development of their research and industrial innovation projects.»  

Learn more about SEGULA Technologies: www.segulatechnologies.com 

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