SEGULA Technologies supports the startup WIND my ROOF in the development and assembly of its first 8 innovative compact wind turbines dedicated to mixed energy production

Paris, the 2 december 2021 – While initiatives to decarbonise energy production are multiplying, French wind power has yet to prove itself to the general public and is still plagued by possible moratoria. 

With the support of SEGULA Technologies, a global engineering group, and its subsidiary SIMRA for production, the startup WIND my ROOF intends to take up this challenge by offering “WindBoxes”, the first hybrid solar/wind modules dedicated to building roofs.  

WIND my ROOF innovates and launches its first 8 mixed energy production plants  

WIND my ROOF, a startup supported by ADEME, founded in 2018 by Antoine Brichot and Yanis Maacha, two alumni of the Ecole des Ponts, specialises in renewable energy and offers innovative mixed energy production plants for existing and new housing stock. The first 8 models will be installed in Rouen in Normandy. 

The WindBox concept 

The first models of wind turbines coupled with solar panels developed by WIND my ROOF, the “WindBoxes”, are intended to equip buildings in the private and public sectors (companies, town halls, gymnasiums), but also logistics buildings (warehouses, shopping centres). Placed on the roof edge of buildings in order to benefit from accelerated winds, the modules rely on the complementarity of technologies to improve their efficiency and produce up to 2,500kWh of electricity per year. Designed to be as safe as possible, they can withstand speeds of up to 180km/h and temperatures down to -15°C. Manufactured in France, WindBoxes are low carbon products with emissions of around 25g eq-CO/kWh for 20 years.  

SEGULA Technologies’ expertise at the service of renewable energy 

A key player in the energy sector, SEGULA Technologies is now seeking to diversify and support the energy transition by broadening its business sector and supporting innovative companies in the renewable energy sector. The Group supports WIND my ROOF on several levels. On the one hand, in the design and conception of the product, where the engineers were particularly solicited. Secondly, in the industrialisation of its production thanks to the flexibility of its Saint-Nazaire site and the possibility of mobilising technical skills quickly. And finally, in sourcing competitive suppliers thanks to SEGULA’s purchasing expertise.  

Yanis Maacha, co-founder of WIND my ROOF : « The project has evolved enormously in a few years, thanks in part to the support of SIMRA and the proximity of the Saint-Nazaire site. We have been able to benefit from real follow-up and expert advice. We have international objectives and ambitions, particularly in Germany, where energy is still carbon-based and there are many challenges for a start-up like WIND my ROOF. » 

Nicolas Fraisse, Technical Director of SEGULA Technologies : « The energy transition is an essential sector of diversification for SEGULA: it is the challenge of the future that we wish to address. For our Group, startups are indispensable partners because they represent the innovation of tomorrow. Thanks to our HeXplora startup support platform, we have been able to support WIND my ROOF in the initial stages of production, assembling the first 8 WindBox prototypes. After this success, the Group is looking ahead to the next stage: the manufacture of modules and the expansion of its range. »

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